Adrenalin fun in the center of Prague!

What is Extreme-Archery about?

This is a hot novelty in freetime and entertainment activities. Extreme-Archery takes you back to the ages when bows and arrows were the bread and butter of warfare.
As first in Czech republic, we offer an unique concept of team games and battles, with custom-tailored bows from first-class Czech manufacturer. To fullfil very stringent safety requirements, our arrows have plastic body and a foam or rubber tip to ensure the maximum degree of safety during play. Furthermore, players wear protective facemasks and bracers for their forearms.


How is it played?

The games are designed for 10-20 players, divided into two teams. There are many different scenarios to ensure the gameplay doesn't get stale, such as hunger games, Napoleonic warfare, medics or classic team death-match or survival. Each player starts the game with two arrows and can of course gain more during the course of the game. Players have to work together and use clever tactics to achieve victory. In Extreme-Archery, you do not just hold the gun. You finally use it!

Fields and backround

  • Indoor arena in the heart of Prague
  • Unique historical building of an old brewery
  • Several outdoor arenas
  • Possibility to create your own arena with inflatable obstacles
  • Changing rooms along with heated facilities
  • Stylish bar and catering
  • Showers, toilets and restrooms
  • Free wifi along with fully equipped IT background
  • Suitable for corporate events and private celebrations
  • Parking inside the building complex (80 Kc/car)
  • Recommended number of players 6+
  • Just contact us and we will come to you!


2 hours of game
28 €
Safety training and instructions
2 hours filled with action!
Bow and arrows
Protective gear (mask, bracer)
Full service of the attending instructor
Minimum of players 6+
Parking 3€ / car
3 hours of game
38 €
Safety training and instructions
3 hours filled with action!
Bow and arrows
Protective gear (mask, bracer)
Full service of the attending instructor
Minimum of players 6+
Parking 3€ / car


Can I play even though I´ve never shot a bow?

Extreme-Archery is enjoyable even for complete beginners. In introductory tutorial we will teach you how work with the bow, plus the instructors are always happy to help. In our experience, people learn what is necesary in 20 minutes tops.

What is the min and max number of players? What if I do not have a team?

The game requires at least 6 people, with up to 25 players playing at a time. In case of a higher number of players, the game usually takes the form of a multi-team tournament. For single players with no team, we organize an opengame every Sunday. The upcoming game is on 21. of April, 18-20h.

What is the course of action and what should I wear?

As a part of the event, you have the arena booked for 2 or 3 hours according to the package. It is recommended to arrive about 15 minutes before the event, followed by safety training, briefing and the game. Solid shoes and sportswear are also recommended, possibly a sweatshirt and a towel.

How painfull is the arrow hit? What about children?

A rubber arrow hit is less painful than a paintball bullet. For maximum protection, we use full face masks and bracers. We also have SWAT tactical jackets for the most fearful. Due to the size and draw-weight of the bow, the recommended age limit is 12 years.

Can we also organize corporate training and catering?

The building complex we operate offers a wide range of services. The industrial-styled space contains all the technical equipment, including projection, sound, seating or party facilities. In case you are interested, you can also rent an exclusive Re-Play studio, fully air-conditioned and equipped with state-of-the-art technology for conferences, workshops and seminars.

Is it possible to play in another town/place?

Of course. We have a set of inflatable obstacles along with stylish barrels, which will make a perfect arena anywhere in the Czech Republic. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

Reservations and questions

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Tel.:     +420 777 575 580


Menetia, s.r.o.
IČO: 04985371 
Bruslařská 1187/12
102 00, Praha 10



Bělehradská 13, Praha 4 - Nusle 
Tram.: Otakarova, Náměstí Bří Synků. 
Entry throught the gate from Bělehradská street. 
GPS: 50°3'56.504"N, 14°26'15.706


Wrote about us

"We were surprised! At the paintball, you just hold the gun, but you really use it in Archery. Not to mention how we laughed, especially when the team arrows was depleted :D"

Simona Holubová Singer

"EA is a great way for our school how to spend a sporting day. Students will have the ability to collaborate and make quick choices, especially when they get into a situation that will break their hearts and discover new individual and team skills and abilities. And what's best, girls and boys play together in mixed teams. Thanks again and we look forward to next time. "

Petr BekTeacher

"We like this experience so much that we take action here every month. We always play three hours and then we take care of the bar :)"

Lukáš BeranFunActions

"Thanks for organizing our team building this way, the action was really great and also the colleagues were very happy. Thank you also for the photos, that was amazing."


"Thanks for the great fun and we are looking forward to the photos (especially clients, even though they pretend they do not like the making photos :-D)"

JovbakováSaS Institute

"Thanks again for organizing teambuilding. It was fine and the team was happy.I t´s not the last time we played here."

Honza JelínekAvast

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